udelv is the world’s first self-driving delivery vehicle

udelv is revolutionizing transportation with an autonomous vehicle built specifically for last-mile delivery. With advanced autonomy and an adaptable cargo space, udelv is live and ready to launch in your area. Together, we can reinvent delivery.

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Advanced Autonomy

The first self-driving vehicle built for deliveries, udelv's deep learning capabilities allow the vehicle to travel autonomy on most roads and conditions.


Risk Free Tele-operations

An ultra-low latency technology to supervise and control vehicles remotely allows for overrides and human-assisted guidance in unique situations.


Customizable cargo space

With a flexible cargo space, udelv vehicles can deliver multiple simultaneous orders. Built for autonomy, compartments connect to mobile apps for easy and secure access.

Our Leadership


Daniel Laury

Chief Executive Officer


Akshat Patel

Chief Technology Officer


Adriel Lubarsky

Director of Business Development


1327 North Carolan Avenue, Burlingame, CA

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