Revolutionizing Transportation:
Autonomous Deliveries


Easy and safe

Packages are delivered anywhere. The compartment opens with one tap from the right phone. It's simple and secure.


Anywhere, anytime

Users have full control over delivery time and location. No more restrictions due to human drivers and scheduling issues.



Autonomous cars save our clients 2X  time and cost, which makes delivery faster and cheaper for customers.

What is udelv?

udelv is the first custom-made, public-road autonomous and electric delivery vehicle. udelv's vehicle will bring forth a dramatic decrease in the cost of local deliveries, add delivery window flexibility, and significantly reduce a city's carbon footprint. Clean and affordable deliveries mean reimagining city life, and revolutionizing business.

How it works

1. Order from your favorite grocery store or retailer
2. Receive a push notification when your order has arrived
3. Tap the app to open compartment and remove your package

Download the app

Download the app to access your order. Track the vehicle. Open your compartment.

All in the udelv app.

Current Delivery Areas

More areas will open soon in several States. Click here to join the waitlist for your region.

Reserve Now

udelv is live. Reserve a vehicle or a fleet for your business.